Social Media of famous Actors and Signers

In the recent years there has been a huge increase in ‘scandals’ and criticism around famous actors singers etc.

Many actors are being judged  about media posts, leaked photos, statements they gave, personality issues and alcohol or drug abuse. Sometimes leading up to actors losing their role on a Film sorely because of one (or more) of these reasons.

I even have friends who said ‘wow you are gonna watch that movie haven’t you seen what this main actor/actress is posting on tweeter etc’

The question is WHY?

If they are drug addicts, racists, whores or just a**holes who cares?

Why should we judge or ever care about their opinion and habits in anything? Are they more special? Are their acting or singing gonna change because of their opinion or habits?

If  a plumber or a pizza delivery guy (pretty much any profession ) would do any of those things who is gonna care? or why should anyone care?

Many of them do it for fame. Post an outrageous post then the whole discussions and media coverage starts about that post which eventually leads to more fame to them. Good or Bad fame doesn’t matter. Its all about numbers.

Conclusion: Personality should be set aside when judging such people. In their case they shouldn’t even been doing this but since we can not change that. We can change our self!

Ignore their social media. Only watch and care about their movies songs. Do not give them extra fame and power for no reason. After all everyone is allowed his/hers own opinion.


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