Theory of relativity its applications, spiritual meanings and questions that arise

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Today we are gonna have a little discussion about the theory of relativity and what comes up from it. Surprisingly aside the general knowledge of the famous mathematical form and some basic knowledge nobody is trying to dig deeper and combine whats been revealed with everything we know and believe so far. It is very simplified so everyone can understand it without knowledge in such matters .

The point of this post is to have a theoretical and unbiased discussion about the applications of the theory in combination with spiritual and existential matters.

I am not a physicist. I have some knowledge due to my technical orientation at school and university . Most of my knowledge on such matters come from famous Professors speeches and some online platforms.

So here is what I believe so far:

What we see and experience in the universe. It is true and real but its very limited and a very small part of the ‘real world’. That comes from the basic human capabilities. We are limited to view (experience) a three dimensional world (A post about the 4th dimension and how we understand it will be made). We are limited to what we can hear and see (Visible Spectrum 390 to 700 nm , Hearing Range 20 to 20.000Hz) . But its not just that. Its how our mind process information. I like to imagine our brain like a computer. We input raw code (or as I refer to it the ‘real world’ information) and its transformed through various procedures to what we see , hear and sense.

Already from that part rises up a Question: Is what see and experience real?

In my opinion: Yes it is real but its not whole picture. There is only a very small part of the ‘real world’ that we can experience which is very real but I find it foolish to believe that there is nothing else (Meaning in our reach) that we are never gonna be able to see or feel. Maybe we can prove that it exists theoretically and mathematically yet we will never know.


Example: Imagine a 100% real world with 2 dimensions. Like a piece of A4 paper as that whole world . The characters inside can only see up down left right. They can never see or move in other direction. Meaning whatever is going everywhere else doesn’t matter how close or far from that piece of paper. They will never be able to see.

Second Example: Lets describe again our mind (brain) as a computer. When you implant a program with a file. Unless its the specific type of file that this program understands (human spectrum in our case) then the program wont be able to understand it. Try open a random file as .txt file on Notepad. Because of Notepads limit to understand text only. If you input color or images or anything else, random text or symbols will appear and it will simplify the file so it can understand it and be able to open it . (Doesn’t matter that it makes no sense after). Same happens with our mind. We sometimes simplify raw input so we are able to see experience but then the end product isn’t 100% accurate.

Macroscopic-ally what we see and experience is NOT real. Because what we experience is the output of the computer meaning the original information is altered by being processed in our brain. Yet we cant and we will never be able to experience anything closer to the ‘real world’ . So the most accurate answer to the original question would be: What we see and experience is real to us. Because that is what we are ever gonna experience.

To avoid confusion, the easiest way to discuss such matters. Its before , after or in the computer. Meaning the ‘real world’ input. The proccess in our brain to understand. The output which we see and experience.

With those in mind. Many Questions arise…


What happens when we die? Are we going to heaven or some other religions end phase? Are we being reborn? Is it the end? We just die there is nothing else after?

For many years I believed that death is the end. There is nothing else after. Suddenly with what we described before. Everything is possible again.  Theoretically…

Meaning, when we die it might mean that we are no longer in the human spectrum and we change form. A form that we (alive) can never feel or sense. In my opinion if another form exists , we probably have no idea what its gonna look like and I feel its gonna have nothing to do with what any religion believes and teaches so far. Unless a religion is actually truth and the ‘prophets’ of that religion were real and accurate all along.

Turning for a bit into Buddhism. If we indeed believe our body its a vessel and only the ‘inside’ matters. Then that form transformation is also possible. They set a nice example : Imagine you body as a cup of tea . If the cup falls to the floor and breaks. The vessel in that case the cup is destroyed but the tea is still tea. If we imagine this new form as the tea and then somehow the tea is gathered and put back to a new vessel cup. Same could happen for our mind soul. (That process being affected by karma etc no need to get deeper into that Buddhists know)

Pretty sure you can say something similar about the religions as well but I lack the knowledge to do it.

Then another question exists. About God. Does it exist? (Lets use it to avoid gender bias)

To answer that question we must first describe what a god is.

Is god a creator of our world , a god who made everything and affects our life (and death) the way each religion explains ? Is god just a far more developed species. Did it actually make us? Even if it did, what we do in our daily life has any impact on anything? Maybe a species that made us and just let us be? Maybe Nature is our ‘GOD’. Nature with its self healing and self management mechanisms.

The answer is: We don’t know for sure. Everyone can have their own opinion on that matter.

In my opinion , unless we consider nature as god (and not a person species god) . I cant believe any person or species that created us really cares about or affects our daily lives. If a higher level species exist, then they probably don’t care at all about us since we are too small for them. (see the example about the 2 dimension world. If we created it for real. Would we really care what the species in this piece of paper 2 dimension world do?)

Then if Nature is a ‘god’ (Spinoza Idea will look deeper in the future and a post will follow). Means we don’t answer to anyone. Nature with its self sustaining mechanisms manages everything. Meaning that all humanity is judged as a total (most likely) . The best way to ensure ‘safety’ is for all humanity and all the nature for that matter (animals,plants) to live in harmony. With a manageable population and safety of each species that sustain the nature of our world. Nature meaning everything else outside our planet as well though our existence doesn’t affect it at all (so far).

Everything described here is accurate as far as I know but its very simplified. Its truly unbiased.  Thoughts and opinions or additions to this post would be greatly appreciated. In future posts I will try to explain some things mentioned in this post that the explanation kept in short here.





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