Nudism and Naturism. Socially and between generations.

Good day,

Today discussion is about nudism and naturism. How it is considered socially, the differences  between generations, why people do it benefits and finally about how it should be. (In my opinion)

What is the difference between naturism and nudism. For some people there is no difference. In reality the difference is very small. Sometimes its just in different regions that use each term more.

Nudists: Enjoy being nude not only in beaches or great natures etc but also in their everyday life like at home etc (Not forcing others to watch them ,  in private)

Naturist:Mostly enjoying being nude in Nature. Meaning in beaches lakes or any great nature and believe in the psychological and other benefits about it.

I myself enjoy mostly being naked in beaches and in nature. Yet I still do it at home when im alone sometimes.

Now that we defined the terms. Lets talk about social applications.

Generally I believe nudism (I mean both naturism) is believed to be somethings strange. In my experience most people believe that whoever does that is a bit strange or even pervert in some cases. I feel like its a split,that people either like and do it or find it strange and bad.


Younger generations:

I believe the main reason for that especially in younger generations is insecurity. Every time im in a nudist beach (im 25) I rarely see people in my age or close to my age. My generation due to internet and social media has become extremely (or dangerously) insecure about their body and their image. A generation that mostly lives on social media its very easy to lose their self esteem. They compare their self with everyone else on the internet which leads to them feeling less. The body is the easiest thing to feel less. Everywhere ads that promote athletes work outs yoga diets and people with perfect bodies (theoretically or socially) . So unless the person has the optional height weight and body muscle feels ugly and less. I know a lot of people in various young ages who dont even go to a normal beach because of insecurity for their body. (A full post about the social beliefs of my age group will be made soon)

Older generations:

Im too young to know for sure. But here is what I believe. Older people believe since the 70s and hippie years. That nudists are strange people, alternative hippie people who sit on the beach all day getting stoned and do drugs. I believe that even some people who indeed do it are ‘afraid’ or ‘ashamed’ to discuss it with other people. But still I mostly see older people in nudist beaches so I guess its not all of them. They also have the insecurity about their bodies. Mostly cause of the effects of age in their body. But its less important cause it cant be avoided. Younger people have the possibility to fix it.

Now lets see who are those people (nudists) , Why they do it? Are there any benefits?

Most of them (of course there are exceptions) are normal just normal people with normal bodies. Nobody cares or stares at other people or their bodies. Everybody is doing it for their own reasons. We believe that our body is a part of nature. All people have their own beauty , size height age dont matter. It has a huge psychological effect this freedom you feel.  When I first did it , I felt so close to nature like I never did before. It all felt so natural. At first I was also a bit scared. So I did it in a totally empty beach for a test. Then the next time I attended a nudist beach with other people. Only to realize I felt nothing different. As a male I was afraid I might have unexpected boner and how that would look. So far it has never happened to me , thats one of the ways I proved how natural it felt and how other people present dont affect me. For males its also very practical since we dont have to wear those huge swimsuits that are annoying to swim with and then never dry out even after long time. I guess for women it might not be so practical cause of the health danger of sitting naked in sand and various places. Yet while swimming it would still be better I feel.


Finally, I will present how in my opinion it should be.  The reasons and benefits of doing that.

So everywhere there should be both options available. Nobody should force their choice in others. Everyone is allowed to do stuff how they feel better and still have a choice. Not exclude the one option (nudist beaches becoming less and less). On adults the effects are described already. It reduces insecurity and has many effects psychologically due to the freedom it provides and how natural it feels. Now the biggest question on this matter. It has to with children of all age under 18.

Theoretically I feel children who have such experiences growing up are likely to avoid having such insecurities with their bodies. Since all of it is gonna feel very natural to them. I mean on the forming ages not as babies etc where it doesnt really matter. Obviously there are some dangers in that. We already know of perverts in schools etc. A such nudist place its very likely to attract creeps and such people which can become very problematic.

From my experience I would definitely recommend people to try nudism on a beach or lake at least once (combine swimming) . I am sure many people are going to like it eventually and have the same benefits as I do.





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