Theory of relativity and the 4th dimension. Explaining and understanding. (Part 2)

Hello, on a previous post ‘theory of relativity its application spiritual meanings and questions that arise’

we shortly discussed about the 4th dimension and some of its effects. Now we are going to explain it a little bit further.

If you haven’t read it. I recommend reading it before reading this post. There are some very good examples there that will help you understand what its being said here.

First of all we must know that its already confirmed its no speculation that a 4th dimension exist and that we live in a universe with at least 4 dimensions (very likely for more still not officially confirmed).

The 4th dimension its NOT time. (Will be discussed later)

Through general theory of relativity we know that the curvature of everything is analog to its density. Time is not included in the form. Meaning it has nothing to do with anything. There is a whole mathematical form which I wont include here since the point here is to understand the theory. Mathematicians and physicists know what I mean.

Curvature its just a number there is no measure. Its the same curvature we learn at school in mathematics in like 9th grade or earlier but we learn it in a 2D space. Now we apply it in a 4D space.

The problem is again our human capabilities. Meaning our human capabilities can only understand a small part of those curvatures so a small range of objects density. And we can only see in 3D space not in 4D space.

So before any information is inputted and processed through our brain. Lets say simplified. Its information of a 4D world with various curvatures. Our brain will process this information or at least the parts that its able to feel. After that process , everything outside our curvature range will be ‘wiped’ or ‘skipped’ and everything that’s on a 4D it will be transformed into a 3D.  Eventually we get what we experience everyday through our senses. Important note is that in the original information before it being processed. There is no sounds smells or anything we feel with our senses in the universe. All of those appear during the process in our minds so we are able to understand in a way all this information. Remember the computer examples from previous post .(Mind breaking when I first realized that)

Earlier we mentioned time. I can not explain this 100% but time is irrelevant if we speak about our universe as a total or as a whole (Like we said time its not included in the curvature calculation form). If we want to talk about a specific part of the universe. Lets say cut it in two parts (or more). Then time comes in and it is relevant. This is why we understand time and it relevant to us. Since we can not understand the universe as a whole. So we can simplify and say its also human made. (I would need to introduce many new terms in order to help us understand this. I am also not sure I understand 100% why this happens. But it is true not a speculation)

Returning to the spiritual part of the previous post. Once the density and so the curvature of everything is too low or too high we can not experience it. So in our life. When we grow bigger older , when we train and gain muscles , we increase our density. After a while we get old we start to lose height muscular strength etc we decrease our density (analog our curvature).  Meaning when we ‘die’ means our density is too low that our human capabilities can longer see us. (No if we eat all day and become 500kg we will not increase our density so much that we disappear) Thats what triggered the whole discussion. Obviously we dont just disappear in a moment. Our ‘dead’ body its still there. But what about the inside? See previous post for more ideas about this.

What we just said can easily be proven by looking at the sky at night. Some stars shine and at a moment they disappear. What happened? Their density changed outside of our human range. (Obviously that happened many many years ago and we see it now due to the time for light to travel from there to us. And it didn’t just happen there are reasons as to why and how). But we are not physicist we dont really care about hat. We are just normal people trying to understand what is being discovered in our world simplified so we can understand it.



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