Hardship suffering and difficulties in life. Is it really all bad? Ways to rise up again!

Good day,

Our everyday life has many difficulties. In our evolving communities worldwide many problems arise: Poverty , Equality , Economic Crisis , War , Natural Disasters. Also in personal matters: Losing family members or close friends , having accidents , diseases.

Some of us might be lucky and be unaffected by most or all of that. But the majority in this planet have to suffer from at least some of those.

Is it really all of it bad? I believe we can still gain something from that suffering to help us in the future. I believe it can help us evolve!

Here I am gonna describe how to first stop the downfall! Then ways to step up again!

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One and a half day in Agios Pavlos and Preveli,Greece Crete

Good day,

This post is about a short trip I did this summer (2018) in Agios Pavlos and Preveli in Crete Greece. Both are located in the south central part of Crete in Rethimno county.

The itinerary was to arrive late and camp at Agios Pavlos. It is a small but very beautiful beach. There is also a bigger beach with some huge sand dunes nearby! Then the next day follow the seaside road to Preveli. Preveli is a beautiful beach/lake at the end of a gorge with a palm forest and a river! Then finally return to Agios Pavlos for the night and leave next morning. All pictures included in the post are taken by me.

First of all , in order to arrive to Agios Pavlos, we took the road from Saktouria. Its a very beautiful and extremely narrow road with view of the whole place. Definitely recommend it! (View from the road picture in next picture).


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Which is the most important value in a romantic relationship? How to improve it?

Hello there,

Today its time to become sentimental. Which is the most important value in a romantic relationship?

Obviously there is no general rule that applies to everyone. Every person has its own opinion on that matter. Quite often a person has wrong opinion about which value is most important to them and they don’t know it. Sometimes after a bad relationship we prioritize the value we need the most based on what we didn’t have in our previous relationship. Or we reevaluate what is most important to us if we realize what we thought before ain’t enough.

First I am going to present some of the important values and analyse them. Then apply them to us. Finally I will present some ideas about couple dynamics and discuss if both persons in a relationship need to have similar important values (in order for relationships to work smoother).

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One day in Verona,Italy

Hello everyone,

This post is about the lovely city Verona in Northern Italy. I visited while on a 10 day tour of northern Italy, last February (2018) with two other friends. All of the photos included in the post are taken by us.

First of all I must say that the city is very beautiful and definitely worth visiting. Many of you might think that the famous ‘Romeo and Juliet balcony’ is the highlight of the place. So did we before visiting. Only to realize its the least special place in Verona. We only stayed there for the day since we booked a hotel in lake Garda (like 30minutes away, post about lake Garda coming soon). Yet we were lucky to have a sunny day in February so we went all over the city (It ain’t that big).

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Photography while traveling/exploring. Is it getting out of control?

Hello everyone!

Recently I noticed an increase of people taking non stop photos during travelling or exploring new places.

What led me to this post is a recent visit to the beach. As I was sitting there for few hours on the side of the beach there is the remains of a small very old compound (bc I don’t know exactly when). So as expected many tourists visit it and take photos. Also there is great surrounding nature. Since I am often on that beach, I’ve noticed multiple tourists and how they ‘behave’ on the photography part. But on the last visit I saw a woman (gender doesn’t matter, its the same for both) just running around taking endless pictures. She went all around the place taking photos of all angles and diverse views. She wasn’t a professional or semi professional cause it was just a phone not a camera. So this woman walked around for 10 or 15 minutes taking pictures watching her phone and browsing through pictures in between positions for photos.

Normally I don’t bother about what other people are doing but this one made curious and got me thinking. This woman (and many others) visited a place with great beaches, nature, view of the sea and archaeological site. Stayed there for 10 15 minutes while only taking pictures and looking at her phone. She didn’t even stop for one second to take a look with her own eyes of the surrounding and left straight after she finished taking photos.

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