Weather and how it affects us psychologically

Good day,

Today s discussion is about weather and its psychological effects on us.

First I will speak of my personal experience living in Germany Nuremberg , Austria Vienna and Crete,Greece. I will exclude from my findings countries with 6 month night or 6 month day etc since I have no experience in that yet.

So here is some basic info of each place climate first.

Germany, Nuremberg: Coldest of the 3 places. Quite lot of snow. Lot of rain. Very rarely wind. Summer mostly manageable not so hot.

Austria,Vienna: Always a few degrees hotter than Germany. Some snow not so much as Germany.Same amount of rain. Very often wind sometimes strong wind. Summer often too hot.

Greece,Crete: Summer most of the year. Highest number of sunny days per year in Europe. Yet rarely extremely or unbearable hot due to the sea breeze. Very often wind sometimes VERY strong. Winter still kind of cold (mostly because of wind and humidity) though the temperature is relative high.

Of the three places of course I prefer the climate in Greece. Yet I still miss the other places.

What is the problem? (In my opinion)

The problem in Germany Austria (or any similar weather country) is not the extreme cold. Its not the rain or the snow. I even like rain. The problem is this cloudy weather where you don’t see sun or rain for even weeks. That is what I hated the most. If its rain snow or sun. I like it.

Does it cause depression? Even as a person used to being in the sun and warm all the time. I believe it does not cause depression. Its something you get used to it (took me a while). Basically I developed a sense that I did not care of the weather. Whatever it is its fine and just be happy with it or unaffected. Because when you wake everyday, the first thought that came in my mind ‘Is it sunny today?’ And I would look outside all gray and cloudy again that caused depression.

Summary: Yes it can cause depression at first but it is manageable by simply ignoring the weather. I imagine that people who are born and raised on such climate have even better coping mechanisms than me.

On the other side does it have positive effects?

Yes it does. Even when I reached the point of ignoring the weather. Still when I would wake up look outside and see a clear weather and sun. I would still feel better and happier. As a person who likes some outdoor activities its an extra boost that I could finally have a day outside. Ride my bike go running or just chill at a park.

Now that I am back in Greece. It is very different. I never miss the sun. Even when its raining or its cloudy I still enjoy it and appreciate the change of scenery also it never lasts long. I even miss it sometimes when its sunny for too long. But I still prefer that climate. I can do outdoor activities most of the year. The only problem is wind. There can be a week with so strong wind that its hard to even be outside. It happens sometimes its very annoying but its still not that much (negative) compared to the other places I lived.

Also the weather effects have some effects in the scenery.

Yes in Greece (especially in the islands) we have the sea its always there its beautiful. But we don’t have that many lakes forests and other such great nature views. Our mountains are pretty much dry except a few places where there are big mountains that produce extra water to maintain such nature. All countries with average weather have many parks forests and lot of green everywhere. We have the sea and tons of empty mountains and cliffs.

If anyone from different climate have something to add please comment




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