Photography while traveling/exploring. Is it getting out of control?

Hello everyone!

Recently I noticed an increase of people taking non stop photos during travelling or exploring new places.

What led me to this post is a recent visit to the beach. As I was sitting there for few hours on the side of the beach there is the remains of a small very old compound (bc I don’t know exactly when). So as expected many tourists visit it and take photos. Also there is great surrounding nature. Since I am often on that beach, I’ve noticed multiple tourists and how they ‘behave’ on the photography part. But on the last visit I saw a woman (gender doesn’t matter, its the same for both) just running around taking endless pictures. She went all around the place taking photos of all angles and diverse views. She wasn’t a professional or semi professional cause it was just a phone not a camera. So this woman walked around for 10 or 15 minutes taking pictures watching her phone and browsing through pictures in between positions for photos.

Normally I don’t bother about what other people are doing but this one made curious and got me thinking. This woman (and many others) visited a place with great beaches, nature, view of the sea and archaeological site. Stayed there for 10 15 minutes while only taking pictures and looking at her phone. She didn’t even stop for one second to take a look with her own eyes of the surrounding and left straight after she finished taking photos.


Does this easy access to endless photos limits us from the present activity?

Yes it does. So many people are hoping to create lasting memories through photos. They focus so much on that that they actually don’t experience it fully.

Solution: Obviously I’ve also been one of those people sometimes. After I noticed it on myself. I did NOT stop taking photos on my phone (cant afford a good camera yet) . I simply limited it. Meaning I stopped walking around with my phone in my hand taking endless photos. But instead when I see a place or sight that I find very beautiful I take a break. Stare and enjoy it a first. Then I take a picture of that place before starting to move again. That led me to create solid ‘real’ memories and fully appreciate each place while still have photos of the best locations to create the ‘long term’ memories.

Some might argue that tight schedules lead people to not having time to do what I suggest. But especially in tight schedules in my opinion we must reduce it and actually experience it.

Digital Photos after they are taken:

Lets be honest. All of us at some point lost taken photographs. Is it because of a lost device? Because of a broken device or SD card? Because a virus destroyed a hard drive? Because we never store them properly and arranged digitally? Or because most of us say we are gonna get them printed but we are always delaying it?

Obvious solution on those is to better organize photos. Safer to use external storage like a USB stick. Finally actually printing them and not waiting forever to do it.

This is a boring process and takes a lot of time (believe me). In my case though, now that I limited the amount of photos I take, it takes less effort to do it. Its less photos numerical. Less browsing through photos that need to be deleted. Accidental or shaken. I print the photos after I get 200 worth printed (a store offers for 100 pages meaning 2x photos each paper better price) . Then I store a copy of them on a USB. So they are as safe as possible. Probably nowadays there is a way to store them in cloud as well that shouldn’t cost that much. It should be very safe also (meaning safe not to lose them not if you are a celeb uploading selfies that get stolen 🙂 ). But I am kind of old school.

Also if you go on a vacation. And take two thousand photos even if you store them and do everything properly. Are you really ever gonna browse and watch 2000 photos of a single vacation in future? I doubt it. But if you have like a hundred or two hundred then its easier. You still enjoy the trip to memory lane while only viewing the best parts not browsing through endless boring photos, many of them picturing the same place and many not so good.


It is important taking photos while keeping a balance and live the true experience as well. Afterwards we must stop being lazy and actually organize and print them. Finally we must be extra cautious of how we store them long term.


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