One day in Verona,Italy

Hello everyone,

This post is about the lovely city Verona in Northern Italy. I visited while on a 10 day tour of northern Italy, last February (2018) with two other friends. All of the photos included in the post are taken by us.

First of all I must say that the city is very beautiful and definitely worth visiting. Many of you might think that the famous ‘Romeo and Juliet balcony’ is the highlight of the place. So did we before visiting. Only to realize its the least special place in Verona. We only stayed there for the day since we booked a hotel in lake Garda (like 30minutes away, post about lake Garda coming soon). Yet we were lucky to have a sunny day in February so we went all over the city (It ain’t that big).

Lets begin:

We arived by car and our hotel owner in Garda recommended us the University car parking. He said its like 50% cheaper than the one direct in center and thats what we did (True parking was very cheap. Its also underground).

Exiting the Parking its the University and a first glance at the canal. Passing a very beutiful bridge and after like 200m of walking we arrived at the center.

There is the beautiful Piazza Bra (something like central square see first picture). In there you can see the Arena of Verona (Its not Rome but still very nice,second picture) . Also various beautiful buildings museums and the square itself is great to chill a bit. (You might be tempted to sit there for a coffee but better be a little more patient)

After that we went to the Piazza Delle Erbe (Pictures below). In between we walked through many small streets with various shops. Very good place to get lost a bit wondering around. Then the Piazza, in my opinion the best place in Verona! Its an old but well maintained square with a small bazaar amazing houses and some very nice cafe in the square (Yes now its the time for cafe) . So we chilled a bit there enjoying the view and a cappuccino (first picture on the right).

Very close to this Piazza its the famous Juliet balcony. You can visit take a picture thats it.


Then we spotted the Castel San Pietro. Its a little bit further away so we had to walk a bit and then some stairs to get on the cliff where the Castel is located (For lazy people or someone who cant walk that much there is a lift to the top but I don’t know the cost). So on the way we went through some more small streets saw many interesting stuff. Then passed through the Ponte Pietra bridge (view in first picture). Just after the bridge its the small cliff to head to the castel. After finally reaching the Castel we saw the view of the whole Verona city (second and third picture). Definitively worthed the walk and the stairs. Sat there and enjoyed the view for a while.


From the view point we could see other cliffs nearby with beautiful view points and buildings but we were kinda tired and decided to head back to the city.

Then we got lost in the smaller streets again. Ended up in the other side of the center. Targeted Castelvecchio Bridge to the Piazza across the Canal. There is nice view of the canal and the Castel which is open to walk around.


Finally we got lost again on the small streets around the city. Which is also one of the highlights cause all of them are amazing!

So that was a full day in Verona. Obviously we missed all of the museums and we didn’t try any fancy restaurants and such. Some locals told us about a restaurant inside a church which seemed interesting but we were on a limited budget. Yet we fully enjoyed the day there!


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