Book Review: The Road Home by Ethan Nichtern

Hello! This post is about the book ‘The road home’ by Ethan Nichtern. I found it on a book store and it seemed very interesting to me. So I bought it and it was the first book about Buddhism I ever read. Before this I had zero knowledge about Buddhism. Yet I was able to fully understand and appreciate it.


No spoils included in this post.

Ethan Nichtern except an author is a Senior teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition. (One of the most famous traditions of Buddhism nowadays).

The main purpose of this book is to present a way that each person can develop a sense or feeling or ‘being at home’ at all times through various techniques. Home in this case meaning mentally not physically. It also applies some general Buddhist ideas (Mostly Shambhala) through many of today s everyday problems and difficulties (personal interpersonal and global/social). In my opinion everything is presented unbiased despite the fact that the author is a Buddhist teacher.Its a very interesting view for sure and I believe many of you will also get inspired by the book!

Readers who are not familiar with Buddhism can very easily read the book. Understand every meaning inside. Some basic Buddhism knowledge that is needed is explained in the book. Yet I wouldn’t call it particularly spiritual. Much of the knowledge and techniques inside can be helpful and applicable even if you are not a Buddhist. Finally you will get a glimpse of what its like being a Buddhist (Shambhala Buddhist) in general.

Readers who are familiar with Buddhism will also definitely appreciate this book. Its gonna be even easier for you to understand some of the concepts and its gonna give you some fresh and very interesting ideas about Buddhist techniques applications on everyday s problems.


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