One and a half day in Agios Pavlos and Preveli,Greece Crete

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This post is about a short trip I did this summer (2018) in Agios Pavlos and Preveli in Crete Greece. Both are located in the south central part of Crete in Rethimno county.

The itinerary was to arrive late and camp at Agios Pavlos. It is a small but very beautiful beach. There is also a bigger beach with some huge sand dunes nearby! Then the next day follow the seaside road to Preveli. Preveli is a beautiful beach/lake at the end of a gorge with a palm forest and a river! Then finally return to Agios Pavlos for the night and leave next morning. All pictures included in the post are taken by me.

First of all , in order to arrive to Agios Pavlos, we took the road from Saktouria. Its a very beautiful and extremely narrow road with view of the whole place. Definitely recommend it! (View from the road picture in next picture).


Then we had to find a place to camp for the night as it was getting dark soon. We had to chose between Agios Pavlos or Triopetra Beach. But after we saw the beach in Agios Pavlos it was an easy choice (next 2 pictures). Triopetra is also beautiful but not as much.


Agios Pavlos is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in Crete. Not particularly overcrowded comparing to other places and it was full season when we went there. There is a nice beach bar with affordable prices to grab a coffee or a beer. Over the night there was also one RV and some people on sleeping bags staying on the beach. Very quiet and beautiful. In theory its not allowed to camp on beaches. But as long as you don’t disturb people set up fire etc then there is no problem. We always collect our stuff when we wake up in the morning to be sure.

In the morning we had breakfast and coffee while watching the sunrise. Then got ready and followed the seaside road to Preveli. We passed through many beautiful beaches (next two pictures). Finally we reached Preveli. Its a short walk to the beach. You can see the ‘lake’ and the end of the river (third and fourth picture).


Then we headed straight for the gorge. Its very easy to get through on the first part. Then later it gets a bit harder. We walked as much as possible. Then we decided its probably dangerous to continue without gear and returned to the beach. The gorge is amazing. We really enjoyed it. We were lucky to do everything early because later tourist taxi boats arrive with a lot of people and the place became to crowded. Definitely visit early in the morning before the tourist wave (must have been about 10-11 when taxi boats arrived). Also the temperature is a lot cooler so its easier in the gorge.


So we decided that it got too crowded and noisy for us and returned to the car. Decided to make a small tour with the car and eventually return to Agios Pavlos and visit the sand dunes beach.

After a long dirt road from Preveli we head to Spili to resupply. On the road we stumbled across an old bridge.


Then later we return to Agios Pavlos, first in the sand dunes beach. Which is also a nudist beach in the one side. Then back to Agios Pavlos where we stayed the previous night.


Sadly we were limited on the available days and we had to return home. By the research I did , I found that there are so many beautiful places to visit all over the south part of Crete. It became a priority for next summer and will be passing from Agios Pavlos again for sure!


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