Hardship suffering and difficulties in life. Is it really all bad? Ways to rise up again!

Good day,

Our everyday life has many difficulties. In our evolving communities worldwide many problems arise: Poverty , Equality , Economic Crisis , War , Natural Disasters. Also in personal matters: Losing family members or close friends , having accidents , diseases.

Some of us might be lucky and be unaffected by most or all of that. But the majority in this planet have to suffer from at least some of those.

Is it really all of it bad? I believe we can still gain something from that suffering to help us in the future. I believe it can help us evolve!

Here I am gonna describe how to first stop the downfall! Then ways to step up again!

Stopping the downfall

First we must accept that life is NOT fair! We often get born in a place with suffering. Or suffering find us. Most of the time it is not even our fault. That injustice is frustrating to say the least. We might live a peaceful and noble life and then develop cancer. A noble community might be hit by an earthquake.

The second thing we must avoid doing , is putting blame into others. We blame everyone for our suffering. We blame our parents, our luck or the system. We blame some cosmic karma or god. Most of the time its true. Yes suffering came to us and its mostly not our fault. Does it really matter whose fault it is (even if it is ours) ? Putting blame into others and resting in misery is the easy thing to do. The only positive in finding the reason for our problem is to know what to avoid in the future.

Another thing we need to realize , the sooner the better, is that we only have this life. No matter how bad or how good it is. No matter whose fault our suffering is. No matter if we believe it is too late for us. We live in now and not the past. Unless we swallow what came to us. We can’t move on. We can change our future, stop the downfall. No matter how ‘low’ we believe we are.

Difficulties might cause suffering. Might cause anger and rage. What they also produce is appreciation. Appreciation is very important. Being able to realize that no matter how ‘low’ we believe we are getting. There are still beautiful and worthy things in our life. People worth caring. People who care about us. Things that make us happy. Then we must begin to identify all of that in order to fully experience them.  In the end we appreciate all those things more than we did before. (This is something to do even without having problems in life. Its just more important in that case)

We must identify the reasons that cause all the suffering. Anger and rage can lead to a dangerous path. We must focus on applying the positive things uncovered in us. By the same logic avoid doing the bad things done to us by others. We must NOT become the same things we hate and blame.

In the end we must consider. If we are already ‘low’. If we are heading ‘lower’ everyday without a way to stop it. What do we have to lose? We have no more fear. Fear and insecurity are for those who have never lost anything. Who are afraid of losing. That does NOT mean making careless decisions about our life or self destruct.

Stepping up again

We must accept and apply all those things mentioned above in our life. We must forget our anger and hate or focus it by not giving up. The way up wont be easy. Wont be fair. We will have more trouble coming to us. But this time we will be prepared and we will have the strength to carry on.

When we are honest with ourselves. When we identified what brings us joy and makes us happy. We can build on that. On our way back up we will come across many difficult situations and many people. We will be able to judge what is best for us. Identify the good in others and connect. We won’t be afraid of the occasional dark because we are familiar with it.

After acceptance and realization. We can begin to dream and hope again. Find our ideal goal. Then with confidence begin stepping up. In control of our anger our passion our self.

Confidence is the key!

After  exploring everything mentioned here. After discovering our self. We can now answer the question.

Is it all bad? (the suffering)

No it is NOT.  Definitely it is a hard and painful period. Hard process to step up again. But in the end , we are getting a lot through that process in personal level. Instead of living in a ‘bubble’ our hole life with misplaced feelings.

This journey of self discovery might come as a necessity. It is still very important to do! In any life situation..

Best of luck!



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