Empaths. A guide for non Empaths


Today I am gonna make a thread about empaths for non empaths. (Thread for us empaths will follow at some point)

Empaths are quite simple and at the same time complicated people. Most of us know and have been around empaths whether we realize it or not.

As I myself am an empath. I will try to show you ,  how empaths function. What we value and hate the most.

Obviously like any kind of categorization, not all empaths are 100% the same. In my opinion though the core remains the same.

First of all, empaths comes from the word empathy. Means being able to understand and express others feelings. Or as I more simply like to imagine. We are able to enter someone else s shoes. Judge feel and experience based on their feelings. We are also extremely perceptive and accurate. Perceptive as to micro expresions words and details. We can remember very accurately conversations and situations. I don’t like the expression 6th sense, but we generally are able to tell if someone is honest or not very easy and make a very accurate impression of someone while only spending just a little bit of time with them. Quite often we can understand when someone is lying to their self.

Since this post is about non empaths. I will present you here how it feels to be around empaths and what is there for you to gain.


Positives of being around with empaths:

Due to fact we are very perceptive and we can sense other peoples feelings. Sometimes we can realize what a person is feeling before that person can find out for themself. Simple put we are great help in personal matters.

Empaths are very easy to get to know.  We connect very easy with other people. When you meet an empath for few days its like knowing them for years.

While we are judgy and form opinions , that doesn’t alter our behavior. So practically we accept most behaviors.

We are great friends. We are generally ‘good’. We put others before our self. Especially our friends. We are forgiving and kind. All very good traits between friends.

For nature lovers or naturists , we are the perfect companion. Since nature is a place we really feel close and able to relax. Always in the mood for a walk or going to the beach.


Negatives of being around with empaths:

I have to admit we are sometimes difficult to handle.

Many empaths are introverted. Even if not fully introverts we really need and appreciate some ME time. When we are overwhelmed some ME time is a must. I would suggest not to be extremely persist ant on empaths when they want their me time. It can be very destructive for relationships. (Ask some of my X-girlfriends)

In romantic relationships , that need for ME time can be miss interpreted as lack of interest towards the other partner. But that is completely wrong. ME time is about self balance and has nothing to do with the partner.

Now lets return to the good perception. While its very good for others when we can understand their feelings and help them move forward. Sometimes or better for some people our way is too direct. Many people are not ready to realize some of their feelings. So when an empath reveals them it can backfire. We generally want to help in a good way but that doesn’t mean the other person is ready for it.

Empaths will not blindly support their friends. Even if we publicly support our friends even when we know they are wrong.  We will later confide to them personally that we disagree with their actions and we heavily criticize. We don’t do that out of hate , we just want to help the other person. Again not everyone sees it this way.

We are very open to meeting people and being around new people (except the really introverts) but there is one basic criteria . We don’t judge any habit or opinion or action if the person is generally ‘good’. By that meaning doing every action hoping for the best. We can very easily spot toxic people. Meaning selfish, liars or simply mean. In that case we will not tolerate being around such people. We will say it clearly to the other people and we will prefer solitude over company with some ‘good’ people and a/a few ‘bad’.

People believe empaths don’t like to be in group of people. In my opinion that is wrong. Its just hard to find a group of people without some toxic behaviors in it. So as a group evolves and many people join, eventually some toxic will come and force us to be alone since we cant tolerate them. Or the group might acknowledge the toxic people and push them away (statically though harder to happen).


By now you should have a very good idea about empaths.

Many of you will be sceptical. Believe me I don’t exaggerate. Its the way we work and we cant behave differently.

Lets make a summary:

Being around empaths is very simple. We accept any kind of behavior. Many of those might be socially ‘strange’ or ‘unacceptable’ but we don’t care. We use our own system to judge.

Just Be:


2)Generally ‘good’ or positive person (you are who you are nothing to do about it really)

3) Respect our boundaries

Then everything will work out smoothly!



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