Working 24/7 vs Having too much free time

A shower thoughts post this one.

Most of us have been to both situations at some point in our life. Either working literally 24/7 having zero time to breath or having nothing to do for a while with endless free time and boredom.

What is the best? How can we maintain productivity and sanity in both situations?

Lets start with having too much free time.

In the beginning its all fine. Especially after a busy period. We finally have time to catch up. Catch up with homework , friends, activities ,  hobbies or just relaxing. As the time goes by , we are done with most of those activities and we begin to have increasingly more free time. Then the troubles begin.

Being available when everyone busy or at work . Wanting to do something on a week day when everybody  is just tired after work. Chilling so much that we eventually lose our mood to do anything. Just wasting time all day or perhaps watching videos or episodes and movies all day long.

While it might not sound so bad IT IS. Over a longer period its disturbing. Also depressing.


Obviously on the first period its all fine. We do the catching up.

Then we must not turn lazy.

We all have some crazy idea which might not be so crazy after all. Something that requires time , that we always wanted to do but never decided . For example writing a book , trying some creative activity , trying out new hobbies or learning an instrument. It’s the perfect time to begin!

For book readers , we always have so many books in our want list to read. Never enough time to actually do it. While you cant just read all day you can still fill some of your time with it. Long term the creativity from the books can bring you new ideas and interests.

Exercise, Yes I know it sounds boring. Actually the best time to start working out or increase your performance if you have already been working out before is now. The first days of working out are the hardest. Before setting up a pace, you are getting tired every time. Having free time and being fully charged helps! Also if you have been working out while busy , now you can maximize your performance since you are full of energy.

Travel, by travel I don’t necessarily mean travel the whole world. Budget can be most likely be an issue. Yet you should do it if you can! A simple day trip. A weekend getaway. Anything will do.  Anywhere we live there are always some stuff we say we will do one day but never actually do. Visit a museum , an exhibition , some park some town/village nearby. Time to drop ‘the one day I will do’ and actually start doing!

Many of the above are quite hard to actually begin though fairly easy to maintain later. So even if you have a time frame up to when you have that endless free time. That shouldn’t limit you. Once started everything is easier to maintain!

On the other hand,

Working 24/7 , having no free time.

First of all there are a few positives. Money gathering. The more you work the more you earn (more likely) . The more you work the less time you have to actually spend what you earn. So on the long term it is good. So the first sustain mechanism is ‘thinking for the future’. Knowing it might be tough now but it leads to a bigger goal.

Many health issues arise caused by stress and anxiety . Always chasing deadlines can cause a lot of suffering. Especially when it lasts for a big period. Often can lead to bad and unhealthy eating habits. Infrequent meals of bad quality. Leading to very bad maintained body and mind. Stress and anxiety in combination with a weak body leads to feeling exhausted all the time.

Solutions? Frequent short breaks for the mental and anxiety issues. Taking short breaks and actually breathing a bit helps us sustain the workload. As for the body, maintain a healthy diet. If you don’t have time to actually cook just look to order something appropriate. Not just junk food. Sleep deprivation is also an issue , though this is kinda hard to fix with extreme work schedules.

After a longer period , we really need to relax and actually spend some free time. Go for a drink , meet friends or simply relax. This is very important to do but can’t be done excessively. Disrupting  your sleep schedule for a drink might be good until the next morning! Then sleep deprivation intensifies and we are losing our functionality which can eventually leads to us getting faster exhausted. On the other hand , never doing anything for us. Just work-sleep for weeks it is also extremely problematic. I actually believe one can go mad doing this for a certain period. Solution: We must find our own limit bodily and mentally. Build with those in mind , what and when we do our personal activities. Find the balance.

TIP: During that busy period. Many thoughts will come up on stuff we want to do. Make a list with all that stuff. So when you finally have free time you can actually do them. Those things we crave on that period are something that we can really be sure we need. Though later we might forget or we might not prioritize properly. Then the list helps.

From all that, there is still something positive. When we actually find the time and quiet to actually do some of those relaxing activities. , this same activity that we might have done million times before , it actually feels so much better. We can deeply enjoy and love what we do in a level you just can’t achieve in a normal day. The whole experience feels so much real.



Obviously the best solution and answer is ‘none of the above’.  We must make a work schedule that leaves us enough free time.

Maybe even seasonal work.  Few months working 24/7 and then few months totally free.

Since the question is too choose between the two. I would choose much free on the condition of a decent budget. But on a none to low budget then working 24/7.

What do you think?


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