The most inspirational thought! Re-evaluating life.

Hello everyone!

Recently upon my readings I stumbled across a very inspirational and motivational thought. Obviously it is not realistic , though it is still very motivational.

With this thought we are going to re evaluate some things actions and situations of our life.

Walk with me for a moment and imagine this scenario:

Imagine we only have one life , our current life .  We live it fully , hopefully grow old and eventually die. Then we are reborn and we live the same life over and over again forever! There are no changes we can do in the future , just a repeat of this very first life. Forever..

We can mute our logic for a while. There are many gaps in this scenario. Don’t start talking about free will and stuff like that within the scenario.There is a different point here. It is just a repeat of our first life and we can’t change anything in the future.Also we don’t know it is a repeat (If we did we could break the loop).

Take a minute to imagine this and think this through.

First the Past.

Think of every life situation every choice we made. Happy periods or sad periods. Wasted periods or hard working periods. Risks taken or opportunities lost. People we met or people we never met. Friends we made or friends we lost contact with. Good things we did or injustices done to us.

Now think for the future. Beginning with our current situation till the rest of our life.

Though this time keep in mind how important every action is since. Since it leads into a future we are gonna live and repeat forever.

Every trouble or problem we delay to solve. Every personal relationship we let down. Every decision we make. Those hard working periods that lead to a better future. All of those will be repeated forever. Every mistake and every correct choice.We will be troubled again and again by the same thing.

Think of our progress in life.  Our life goals and the way to achieve them. Evaluate not only our goals but the (possibly) long and hard way to achieve them. Think how important the way to the goals is.

Also think of the happy moments. Those are quite important. We should build on them. Do our best to extend and really appreciate them. Every happy second of our life is too important since it will be repeated forever! How many are we going to waste?

Finally remember our growing up years. As children and as parents for our children! This important forming and learning period will be repeated. We are adults most of our life but children only few years. Limited time to enjoy all the positives of that period.

For the future to begin , present must become past. All of the above can be done and changed right now on the present.

Finally we must do an evaluation. Lets say for this scenario we are to die tomorrow (Hope not). No matter of our current age. This would mean that this is our life. What we lived so far that’s it. It will be repeated now forever. Would you like to do it all over again? Are you happy with your life and your choices?

If the answer to that Question is No then *ringing bell sound*

I am sure this post will provide you with an endless stream of food for thought! It really surprised me this approach. I have been thinking it for weeks and I have been re-evaluating. It is really a call to action and at the same time a call to enjoy and focus on the present.

Thoughts and ideas are always welcomed!






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