The most inspirational thought! Re-evaluating life.

Hello everyone!

Recently upon my readings I stumbled across a very inspirational and motivational thought. Obviously it is not realistic , though it is still very motivational.

With this thought we are going to re evaluate some things actions and situations of our life.

Walk with me for a moment and imagine this scenario:

Imagine we only have one life , our current life .  We live it fully , hopefully grow old and eventually die. Then we are reborn and we live the same life over and over again forever! There are no changes we can do in the future , just a repeat of this very first life. Forever..

We can mute our logic for a while. There are many gaps in this scenario. Don’t start talking about free will and stuff like that within the scenario.There is a different point here. It is just a repeat of our first life and we can’t change anything in the future.Also we don’t know it is a repeat (If we did we could break the loop).

Take a minute to imagine this and think this through.

First the Past.

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‘We must learn how to unlearn,in order to move forward’

Today I watched a lecture of one of my favourite astrophysicists. At some point he said this quote ‘We must learn how to unlearn , in order to move forward’. (I agree it sounds like a Lacan or Zen quote).It is a two hours lecture I cant get much into details. Though this quote made me kinda curious.

He explained in this lecture that our brain makes a database of actions thoughts and behaviors. We make this database mostly up to the age of 16. That doesn’t mean that what we do/learn after doesn’t matter. With this database our mind judges everything we experience, do and feel. Then it decides if it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

We can add extra information in this database in our brain. It is relative easy if the information is not going against some preexisting information in the database.

The hard part is, when we want to add information which is against some preexisting information. Then it very hard to actually unlearn something from the database.

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Empaths. A guide for non Empaths


Today I am gonna make a thread about empaths for non empaths. (Thread for us empaths will follow at some point)

Empaths are quite simple and at the same time complicated people. Most of us know and have been around empaths whether we realize it or not.

As I myself am an empath. I will try to show you ,  how empaths function. What we value and hate the most.

Obviously like any kind of categorization, not all empaths are 100% the same. In my opinion though the core remains the same.

First of all, empaths comes from the word empathy. Means being able to understand and express others feelings. Or as I more simply like to imagine. We are able to enter someone else s shoes. Judge feel and experience based on their feelings. We are also extremely perceptive and accurate. Perceptive as to micro expresions words and details. We can remember very accurately conversations and situations. I don’t like the expression 6th sense, but we generally are able to tell if someone is honest or not very easy and make a very accurate impression of someone while only spending just a little bit of time with them. Quite often we can understand when someone is lying to their self.

Since this post is about non empaths. I will present you here how it feels to be around empaths and what is there for you to gain.

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Hope. Is it really a good thing or one of the main causes of depresion?

Hello everybody!

In the recent years there has been a rise in depressed people and suicides. Obviously there are many reasons that lead to this. I will be making a post in the feature with a summary of the reasons. For now we are gonna focus on one of the main reasons.


It might sound controversial at first. Some might say Hope is an entirely good thing.

At first yes. Hope is positive. Hoping that things will get better eventually. Hope is needed but in a certain level.

Hope though often means expectations. When we have expectations then the problems begin.

On the long run we might begin to stabilize our-self by hoping that things will get better. After a while that might not happen. Things then might get worse. This is a serious tripping point. Where depression and bad thoughts take over.

I personally reached that point. I had my situation managed only to be worse again.

My solution:

I am still positive and hope that things will get better. I accepted that no matter how much injustice I felt (Some of the reason for my ‘fall’ were not my fault) , I still had to work harder (with myself and in general). I personally believed that in a certain moment of my life I reached the bottom. Like it couldn’t get any worse. So then I had the expectation (hope) that it will get better (since it couldn’t get worse). Only to realize that I hadn’t reached bottom yet. Then the true ‘fall’ happend.

Eventually now, I no longer expect things. I discovered the good things in me and my life and built on those. It is a slow reinvention process that lead me to many great things already. Made me set new targets.Now I no longer miss certain things I had while slow and steady working on my new goals. I don’t really have expectations, knowing I might not reach my goals.I just hope I do, knowing I might not make it. I just appreciate everyday the way it is building on the good stuff. I feel much better with myself. Now I am actually glad I had this experience. I would never grow that much as a person without it. This helped me reach a much higher point as a person than what I was before the ‘fall’

Closing this post with an interesting realization.

At first glance we might believe we are falling to the bottom really fast unable to prevent it. Only to realize that the way to the bottom is the way UP.





Hardship suffering and difficulties in life. Is it really all bad? Ways to rise up again!

Good day,

Our everyday life has many difficulties. In our evolving communities worldwide many problems arise: Poverty , Equality , Economic Crisis , War , Natural Disasters. Also in personal matters: Losing family members or close friends , having accidents , diseases.

Some of us might be lucky and be unaffected by most or all of that. But the majority in this planet have to suffer from at least some of those.

Is it really all of it bad? I believe we can still gain something from that suffering to help us in the future. I believe it can help us evolve!

Here I am gonna describe how to first stop the downfall! Then ways to step up again!

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