The most inspirational thought! Re-evaluating life.

Hello everyone!

Recently upon my readings I stumbled across a very inspirational and motivational thought. Obviously it is not realistic , though it is still very motivational.

With this thought we are going to re evaluate some things actions and situations of our life.

Walk with me for a moment and imagine this scenario:

Imagine we only have one life , our current life .  We live it fully , hopefully grow old and eventually die. Then we are reborn and we live the same life over and over again forever! There are no changes we can do in the future , just a repeat of this very first life. Forever..

We can mute our logic for a while. There are many gaps in this scenario. Don’t start talking about free will and stuff like that within the scenario.There is a different point here. It is just a repeat of our first life and we can’t change anything in the future.Also we don’t know it is a repeat (If we did we could break the loop).

Take a minute to imagine this and think this through.

First the Past.

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Hardship suffering and difficulties in life. Is it really all bad? Ways to rise up again!

Good day,

Our everyday life has many difficulties. In our evolving communities worldwide many problems arise: Poverty , Equality , Economic Crisis , War , Natural Disasters. Also in personal matters: Losing family members or close friends , having accidents , diseases.

Some of us might be lucky and be unaffected by most or all of that. But the majority in this planet have to suffer from at least some of those.

Is it really all of it bad? I believe we can still gain something from that suffering to help us in the future. I believe it can help us evolve!

Here I am gonna describe how to first stop the downfall! Then ways to step up again!

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Theory of relativity and the 4th dimension. Explaining and understanding. (Part 2)

Hello, on a previous post ‘theory of relativity its application spiritual meanings and questions that arise’

we shortly discussed about the 4th dimension and some of its effects. Now we are going to explain it a little bit further.

If you haven’t read it. I recommend reading it before reading this post. There are some very good examples there that will help you understand what its being said here. Continue reading

Nudism and Naturism. Socially and between generations.

Good day,

Today discussion is about nudism and naturism. How it is considered socially, the differences  between generations, why people do it benefits and finally about how it should be. (In my opinion)

What is the difference between naturism and nudism. For some people there is no difference. In reality the difference is very small. Sometimes its just in different regions that use each term more. Continue reading

Theory of relativity its applications, spiritual meanings and questions that arise

Good day ,

Today we are gonna have a little discussion about the theory of relativity and what comes up from it. Surprisingly aside the general knowledge of the famous mathematical form and some basic knowledge nobody is trying to dig deeper and combine whats been revealed with everything we know and believe so far. It is very simplified so everyone can understand it without knowledge in such matters .

The point of this post is to have a theoretical and unbiased discussion about the applications of the theory in combination with spiritual and existential matters.

I am not a physicist. I have some knowledge due to my technical orientation at school and university . Most of my knowledge on such matters come from famous Professors speeches and some online platforms. Continue reading

Social Media of famous Actors and Signers

In the recent years there has been a huge increase in ‘scandals’ and criticism around famous actors singers etc.

Many actors are being judged  about media posts, leaked photos, statements they gave, personality issues and alcohol or drug abuse. Sometimes leading up to actors losing their role on a Film sorely because of one (or more) of these reasons.

I even have friends who said ‘wow you are gonna watch that movie haven’t you seen what this main actor/actress is posting on tweeter etc’

The question is WHY? Continue reading