Weather and how it affects us psychologically

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Today s discussion is about weather and its psychological effects on us.

First I will speak of my personal experience living in Germany Nuremberg , Austria Vienna and Crete,Greece. I will exclude from my findings countries with 6 month night or 6 month day etc since I have no experience in that yet. Continue reading


Nudism and Naturism. Socially and between generations.

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Today discussion is about nudism and naturism. How it is considered socially, the differences  between generations, why people do it benefits and finally about how it should be. (In my opinion)

What is the difference between naturism and nudism. For some people there is no difference. In reality the difference is very small. Sometimes its just in different regions that use each term more. Continue reading

Daily exercise. How it is changing my life.

So im a 25 y.o. male. The first 24 years of my life I have always been a very lazy person. Never wanting to exercise not even take a short walk. I would always prefer the metro or a car or a bus or anything. I never became extremely heavy but always a bit more than I needed (or wanted).

I had bad eating Habits. That doesn’t mean I always ate unhealthy food. But most of the time. Also I used to drink. Like a lot! Pretty much in daily basis but not huge amounts daily. Thankfully I didn’t smoke much. A total of 2 years split between 5 years (18-23).

Slowly in the recent years I wanted to change. I kept feeling worse about myself. Especially when I was doing something and felt incapable. A short run a long walk and anything that demanded physical activity. Also the image of myself especially in the summer months. Continue reading

Social Media of famous Actors and Signers

In the recent years there has been a huge increase in ‘scandals’ and criticism around famous actors singers etc.

Many actors are being judged  about media posts, leaked photos, statements they gave, personality issues and alcohol or drug abuse. Sometimes leading up to actors losing their role on a Film sorely because of one (or more) of these reasons.

I even have friends who said ‘wow you are gonna watch that movie haven’t you seen what this main actor/actress is posting on tweeter etc’

The question is WHY? Continue reading