The most inspirational thought! Re-evaluating life.

Hello everyone!

Recently upon my readings I stumbled across a very inspirational and motivational thought. Obviously it is not realistic , though it is still very motivational.

With this thought we are going to re evaluate some things actions and situations of our life.

Walk with me for a moment and imagine this scenario:

Imagine we only have one life , our current life .  We live it fully , hopefully grow old and eventually die. Then we are reborn and we live the same life over and over again forever! There are no changes we can do in the future , just a repeat of this very first life. Forever..

We can mute our logic for a while. There are many gaps in this scenario. Don’t start talking about free will and stuff like that within the scenario.There is a different point here. It is just a repeat of our first life and we can’t change anything in the future.Also we don’t know it is a repeat (If we did we could break the loop).

Take a minute to imagine this and think this through.

First the Past.

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