Daily exercise. How it is changing my life.

So im a 25 y.o. male. The first 24 years of my life I have always been a very lazy person. Never wanting to exercise not even take a short walk. I would always prefer the metro or a car or a bus or anything. I never became extremely heavy but always a bit more than I needed (or wanted).

I had bad eating Habits. That doesn’t mean I always ate unhealthy food. But most of the time. Also I used to drink. Like a lot! Pretty much in daily basis but not huge amounts daily. Thankfully I didn’t smoke much. A total of 2 years split between 5 years (18-23).

Slowly in the recent years I wanted to change. I kept feeling worse about myself. Especially when I was doing something and felt incapable. A short run a long walk and anything that demanded physical activity. Also the image of myself especially in the summer months. Continue reading